Heaters & Reformers

In order to meet the needs of Iran's market in terms of direct heaters and reformers, MFS starts its activities for manufacturing process fired heaters and reformers in Iran.
In cooperation with our partners we are specialized in fabrication of single and multiple combustion chambers depending on duty and process requirements. Utilizing low NOx burner technology along with preheating systems, allows us to get the highest level of performance efficiency in parallel with being in accordance with the environmental standards for reducing environmental damages.    
MFS is familiar with all aspects of Fired Heaters and reformers including, Pressure Parts, Support/Holding Systems, Structural Designs, Radiant Section, Arch Panel, Convection Section, Header Box, Fuel Gas Duct, Damper, Shield Section, Burner Placing, Stack, Stack Supporting Structure, Interconnecting Ducts, APH Ducting, APH Supporting Structures, Refractory and its tie-back arrangement, Accessories, Platforms, Ladder, Access Door, Stair Case, Material Take Off for Requisition and Execution purpose.
MFS also has the capability to provide its customer with various types of Indirect Heaters including Water Bath Heaters as part of its portfolio.

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