Metering Systems

When it comes to liquid and gas hydrocarbon transfer, a small level of uncertainty will result in significant loss of revenue, therefore it is essential to have a precise Metering System.
MFS manufactures fiscal/custody transfer metering systems and is capable of and experienced in all metering technologies, analytical systems, provers and control panels.  

MFS with help of its partners has a broad knowledge of metering standards (including API, ISO, AGA, ASTM, CE, UL, PED, ATEX, DIN, IED, NACE, ANSI and OIMI) and technologies (such as ultrasonic meters, coriolis/mass meters, orifice meters, turbine or PD) which will help us to meet our customers' needs, maximize measurement accuracy and minimize risk.
MFS offered Metering Systems and Services include:
•    Gas Metering Systems
•    Oil/Liquid Metering Systems
•    LNG Metering Solutions
•    Proving & Calibrations
•    Sampling & Analysis
•    Control Systems

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