Oil / Gas Separators & Scrubbers

MFS designed Oil/Gas Separators & Scrubbers are renowned for high efficiency and suitable performance that guarantees customer process requirement for different applications like; Oil Field Separation Units, Slug Catchers, Manifolds, Production Platforms, Gas Liquifaction Plants, Gas Compressor Stations and Etc.
MFS Scrubbers, using different internals as Inlet Devices (Vane Packs, Cyclones, Anti- Foam) & Separation Enhancements (Vane Pack, Wire Mesh, Cyclones, Filters, Coalescers) can provide customers with fine separation i.e. 99.9% of solid particles and liquid droplets over 5 microns, even for high pressures.

MFS can also provides its customers with valuable engineering services such as :
-    Design Study
-    CFD Modeling
-    Solution Making
-    Retrofitting Jobs

To design Separators based on ASME code, MFS uses up to dates design software's such as Hysim, Fluent and in house developed software.

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