As Boilers and Steam Turbines are the most valuable equipment in power generation plants, their long lasting operational period is very essential for the End-Users.
MFS Deaerators with wide range of capacity and significant flexibility employs basic principle of gas removal with a neat one tank design which is simply proven the best choice that any customer can have.
MFS spray type one tank design Deaerator assures high purity effluent by removing oxygen and other dissolved gases in Boiler Feed.
MFS supplied Deaerators are based on Stork Thermeq B.V process design which is very unique and different from conventional two tanks.
Although MFS has the capability to design both conventional two tank design & single tank spray type model, we shall admit that Spray Type Single Tank Deaerators have more advantages in comparison with Cascading Type application such as:
-    One tank design fully made of Carbon Steel
-    Pure mechanically O2 removal at the outlet up to 5 ppb
-    Low steam vent Max. 70 kg/h
-    No vent condenser required
-    Wide capacity range 12000 T/h
-    Wide operating range  10 to 110%
-    No pressure difference in steam area
-    Turn down ratio > 1:30

MFS one tank design Deaerator has several applications for different plants:
-    Horizontal for Power Generation, Process and Chemical industries
-    Vertical Vacuum for Power Generation, Process and Chemical industries
-    Nuclear Power Plants
-    HRSG Internal Drum Deaerators
-    Condenser Deaeration
-    Marine / FPSO
-    Air Cooled Power Plant
MFS can also retrofit End-Users cascading type turning it into one tank design, which is more efficient and save money with respect to make up water and chemical additives consumption.

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