Flare Stacks

As safely disposing of hydrocarbons products, combustible waste fluid specially  toxic ones is essential for our industry, MFS has assigned a qualified technical team to design and analyze Flare and supply different types of Flares including;
•    High & Low Pressure Flares
•    Air Assisted Flares
•    Enclosed Flares
•    Sonic Flares
•    Utility Flare (Without Smokeless Burning)
•    Liquid Flare
•    Gas/Steam Assisted Flares
•    Burn Pits
MFS designs and manufactures Flare main and accessories parts and perform sizing calculations, Flare Tip and Flare Structural Design and provides customers with Flare Seals , Control Panel and Ignition Systems, Blowers and Flare K.O Drums.
FLARENET and FLARE are two main softwares used in MFS technical office.

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