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Mostafa Jahani was born on April 19, 1951 in Tehran, Iran. He was a talented and creative boy coming from a middle class family with enormous energy and vigor to try out new and eccentric experiments. He had quick and keen relish for mathematics and science during his high school years in Hadaf Group School. His natural endowments of understanding nature of things and notions helped him to get into the best technical & engineering university (Fanni Tehran) in Iran at the time with no hard efforts to study mechanical engineering.
His zest and enthusiasm for life put him on a fast track; he met his wife in 1972, got married in 1974 and had his first child in 1975. Having a family on his own while he was supporting his parents’ family as well, he started to work in Tabiran Company as an engineer while he was still studying. From early days his adventurous and strong personality led him to perform though jobs with big responsibilities. Mostafa was very ambitious; he was not satisfied with his career to be a professional engineer working for others.
In 1977 he was full of new ideas needed to be nurtured and invested on, so he left his job and established his own company (Column) as an independent young entrepreneur. His company which mainly was active in civil constructions grew very fast, in the golden days Column had about 150 staff. But the revolution and then the start of the war with Iraq suddenly put most of the infrastructural projects on hold and indefinite suspension. Column encountered a deep recession in its imminent projects. Despite Mostafa’s efforts to fight and overcome those difficulties and problems Column went bankrupt. Being a man of adventure and challenge, Mostafa never become disappointed and continued his endeavors in different business opportunities.
Building upon his experience and his vision, understanding Iran’s industrial and economic prospective, he established Masnouat Felezi Sangin (MFS) in 1989 to serve and operate in oil, gas, petrochemical & power industries. With his motivation and eager to reach a differentiated position in the market, MFS began his life and grew significantly. Mostafa was a charismatic leader who was able to lead and sail his ship smoothly through all highs and lows. He had no fear of failure, as he always had strong faith and trust in his own and his team capabilities and strengths. At all times, he was ready to run with the risks & accept consequences of his decisions. He was receptive and open to new and innovative ideas. Besides being a leader, he was a mentor and a very good friend for his children and his employees. His mind was fluid and could pass all barriers, to put it in other words; he was able to conquer his mind and to connect to other people core. He designed and manufactured complicated equipment and machinery and had extensive knowledge of physics, mechanics, welding, metallurgy and chemistry.
Following his ambitions, Mostafa decided to expand MFS’ business line of activities, in 2004 he extended MFS shop area and fields of activities into process design and broke a new ground in Iran industrial market. Since then MFS is continuously growing year over year, experiencing evident increments in its market share and profitability.
Alas, Mostafa’s time in this world was too short. He was diagnosed with stage four esophageal cancer couple of months after his 60 years birthday. The brutal cancer weakened him and dried out his energy and liveliness in less than four months. Even the though and strong man who had defeated each and every problem, could not resist. Mostafa passed away and left this world on October 15, 2011 leaving his potent, live & decent legacy behind.