MFS Partners

•    On March 2005 MFS and STORK TECHNICAL SERVICES entered into cooperation to jointly deliver Spray type De- aerator , STQ is responsible for the basic engineering, sprayer and performance process guarantees and MFS is responsible for manufacturing tanks and internals, erection and commissioning and related guarantees.
•    MFS has signed cooperation agreement since 20th April 2004 with UK based company Aker Solutions formerly Aker Kvaerner Process Systems Ltd  for process dedign of  Oil/Gas Separators and internal parts and Gas Scrubbers, Aker solutions assumes accountability  for related process guarantees and MFS is manufacturer  of mechanical part and guarantee it.
•    MFS has entered into cooperation with Italian based company PARESA for fabrication and erection of large Low Temperature /Cryogenic Double Wall Tanks since June 2009.
•    Since 2010 MFS and CEDEC from china have been in cooperation to serve Iranian market with AC/DC Electrostatic Desalters with all accessories, CEDEC is responsible for basic engineering and internal supply and MFS is responsible for mechanical parts.
•    MFS and Combustion Technologies Private Limited (India based company )are non-exclusively jointly fabricate different type of Flares (High & Low pressure , Air Assisted, Enclosed, Sonic, Utility, Liquid, Gas Steam Assisted and Burn Pits)  and Incinerators , basic and detailed design is in Combustion scope of work and MFS is responsible for fabrication part. This cooperation is on project by project basis.
•    MFS and Spanish based company Tecnicas Reunidas (TR) entered cooperation by SERCOBE Association for manufacturing of Direct Heaters and Reformers, according to agreement TR is responsible for engineering and fabrication supervision and second party is responsible for fabrication of them.
•    MFS and contracting Iranian company D&I have made an agreement to jointly cooperation as EPC on international projects in Oil & Gas, Power and Civil.
•    On May 2011 MFS and Iraqi company Qamar Al Sanaeh, made a cooperation agreement to serve Iraqi market jointly as manufacturer of mechanical and process equipment and jointly use of workshop facilities.