QA/QC Systems

MFS Quality Assurance System is responsible for constant improvement, determining corrective and preventive actions and stimulating all system beneficiaries to be cooperative and analyze their current situation by scheduled monitoring/measurement of their procedures.
MFS management and staff make every effort through the whole life cycle of company projects to have quality policy and objectives implemented.
Our company has been maintaining a quality system consistent with ISO 9001 for 5 years, which provides the foundation of our organization to harmonize the quality of our products and services with those of our employers and subcontractors. Our quality management system is accredited by Moody Internations and we achieved the renewal certificate of ISO9001:2008 as well. Our quality management system is characterized by the quality manual supporting quality  assurance procedures and many kinds of reference documents including corporate standards, specifications, procedures, instructions, job & authorities descriptions and alike.
In the practical execution of each specific project it is our practice to prepare and implement a project quality assurance plan by the QA manager and QA/QC team.
Quality assurance manager, management representative and top managers provide data for management review including results of internal and external audits, company complaints and customer satisfaction situation, achievement of quality objectives, non-conformities and Managing Director will decide to assign relative resources and take required actions for constant and continual improvement of the QA system.
MFS has persistent derive to deliver excellence and is committed to customer expected quality and final satisfaction of the end-users. Our quality department keeps a constant eye on quality and inspects products from arrival of raw material, during fabrication to release of the products from our shop and MFS sites, applying modern inspection methods, procedures and instructions in different stages such as marking, cutting, assembling & welding internal fabrication, site erection and electrical, mechanical balance of equipments installed at site. MFS QC experts have required skills for all NDT tests, Post Weld Heat Treatment, Quench & Tempered and Annealing process inspection, Hydro & Pneumatic Tests and submit Final Data Book of each equipment upon its delivery to the customer.
A comprehensive data base of standards, codes, handbooks and special customers specifications and tolerances assists QC inspectors to control equipment carefully and find chances for product improvement.
Customers also have the possibility to trace their products, submitted raw materials at each and every step, by using our in house tracing and recognition system.

We have a legacy of executing complex projects. Challenging projects require precision and vigilance. working in sites with variety of hazardous and potential dangers, contaminated toxic gas environment; are just some of the challenges that would intimidate many.
But with our strong focus on HSEQ at every step, we are able to surmount all difficulties.
An injury-free track record because of excellent safety standards, competent and effective project management skills, and timely completion of EPC contracts have been the company’s forte. Safety measures that the company has knitted into the framework of functioning take into account perceived risk, practicality, compliance with regulations and recognition of social norms.
Risk assessment and job safety analysis are mandatory at every site. Once the risks are identified, control measures are taken before work commences. Continuous health and safety surveillance is maintained with safety audits carried out at regular intervals. New incumbents are taken through safety orientation programs, highlighting hazard identification techniques and emergency procedures. Daily toolbox talks at different sites are conducted.
Regular mock fire drills are conducted to ensure familiarity and reduce response time, evaluate and implement areas for improvements. Latest technology is adopted to minimize risk levels and human error, including automatic welding which eliminates exposure to toxic smoke, radiation and high heat.
The many awards and certification from our clients demonstrate their appreciation of our commitment towards HSEQ.