How We Operate

To respond faster and more flexible to customer needs and to have a long term commitment to our clients for a continual improvement MFS management has settled and is adapted to a quality management system.
Our management is ought to conduct reviews of the system to assure that all personnel from top, middle to operative management and their staff are aware of company vision, strategies and  clearly know their role and importance in the organization family.
MFS management focuses on energy efficient services products and engineering solutions and enjoy up to date softwares, system and professional consultants to create added value for our clients.
MFS top management ensures that all customers & clients requirements are determined & suitable and applicable procedures are defined to receive costumer feedback including their complaints.
Our management considers special value for the company staff and endeavors to have their most efficient contribution in critical decisions on operating and strategically decisions.

Project Management
MFS considers every engagement as a true commitment to a specific result. Our specialized competency, project matrix organization leading by project managers track each and every activity of all projects from early stages and monitors project path according to what agreed with the customers.
Project Manager empowers a dedicated in house team of experienced senior staff with expert knowledge and skills and driven junior members new insight to the business.
On time delivery, recognition of critical path in a project and dividing it into parallel and continuous activities are pure task of project control & planning department supervises the bottom line of project and customer final satisfaction with close cooperation of project managers.
MFS project managers utilizing project management and project control skills and softwares accelerate project pace for on time delivery, alarming hold points for taking preventive and corrective actions by involved departments.
Our project managers are dominant on all contractual aspects of project including insurance, tax & duties, sub-contractors relationship. MFS project team can follow Hazard and Effects Management Process to identify and manage hazards and potential effects of project activities and ensures that controls are in place to reduce risks to a level as low as reasonably applicable.
Project Managers control the budgeting of the project for smooth running and are responsible to attend weekly meetings with all departments involving in project execution.

Our marketing team consists of professional, educated and young team who has great knowledge of Iran & Middle East market and has a reliable network with clients, customers and end-users in this region. From time to time our marketing team comes up with creative and innovative marketing methods based on academical and practical techniques in order to fasten their relation with present & potential customers as their partners not just contractor or vendor.
Having constant contact with clients and customers, tracking their newly defined projects and demands, leads our marketing team to refer to customers on time at the prequalification and bidding stages.
Our professional sales personnel utilize marketing mix to determine and improve its position in the market, yet personal relation has special role in MFS marketing plan.
Defining a long term marketing strategy enables the team to work in line with company vision and targets. MFS has an up to date data base of imminent and running projects and is ready to submit marketing service to its partners as well. 

Engineering & Design works is usually the primary stage and say major activities of any project or product realization. So performing this stage sufficiently, confidently, on time based on safety factors would lead project to run smoothly defining critical milestones with cutting edge techniques.
MFS engineering team consists of highly motivated, talented engineers and experienced managers can serve its customer with variety of engineering services begins from FEED Engineering, basic design to detail design in various disciplines such as civil, mechanical, electrical, techno-economic studies.
During execution of each project, core technologies and knowledge in all engineering design activities are required and we shall admit that we have settled a multifunctional system to cover these requirements. Our engineers enjoy most recent version of calculation, information technology, risk management soft wares and are trained to study all specifications, references and standards, prior to issuance of draft of technical documents.
  Our engineers inform clients of their technical comments and solutions for most optimized design, lowest risk and most economical path.