Innovation & Technology

During our 20 years of experiences we encountered many technological challenges both in design and fabrication which leads the company to think of innovation and technology as an essential fact for company growth.
In order to increase company sustainable growth and competitiveness in the market MFS established an R&D department and take significant steps toward technology development and innovation.
As first step MFS shaped partnership with international companies having know-how and patents of high tech equipment such as Single Tank Spray Type Deaerators, Multicyclone Scrubbers, Electrostatic AC/DC and dual wave Desalters, Water Bath Heaters, Process Gas Fired Heaters, Reformers & Flare Stacks. The idea of innovation and technology has inspired by our mission to address our shortcomings in technology for special equipment and their relevant know-how.
According to our commitment for continual improvement, we define several case studies along with the company to develop our knowledge and consequently technology for which we use different techniques such as DFMEA.