As customer satisfaction is our first priority MFS has assigned an skillful procurement team, who are trained for both technical and commercial aspects of procurement in order to supply raw material from valid suppliers with best quality and price, on time. MFS procurement personnel are dominant on different payment methods from T/T to different type of LCs. It is our procurement department responsibility to conclude the best terms and method of payment with the suppliers for the benefit of the company. They also have good relation with financing institutes for using facilities provided by them and trained for contract provision and principles and guarantee/warrantee requirement of each project.
Overall procurement costs can be very important part of the total project cost and the quality of procurement activities determines the overall project schedule.
Our procurement team follows purchasing activities from sourcing, evaluation & inspection to placing order, expediting, testing, shipping & custom clearance.
Our up to date database consist of approved vendors for variety of raw materials including:
- C.S, S.S, Duplex, Alloy Steel, Clad Plates with special requirement such Normalized, Q&T, Nace,
- Standards and Special Flanges & Forgings
- Fittings
- Sealing and Drainage Systems
- Tubes & Pipes
- Dish Ends
- Electrical and Instrumentation parts and equipment
- Internals such as mixers, filters, cyclones, vane pack, mesh pads & etc.
- Pumps
- Machineries & Tools
For most of our purchases we prepare a material requisition including our material specifications, expected scope of work/supply, reference standards and codes, special testing required.