MFS has modern State-Of-The-Art facilities in its shop for fabrication of various products  of the company including CNC cutting machine (oxy-fuel and Plasma), mechanical beveling machine, heavy rolling machines for thickness up to 150 mm and max. width of 3150 mm,  heavy lifting facilities including rotators, gantry & overhead cranes for fabrication of a single drum or column with 200 ton, automatics welding machines including GTAW, GMAW, SAW, SMAW, TIG, MIG/MAG rectifiers, automatic nozzle welding machines, all testing facilities for raw materials, under processed equipment and final tests including NDT, Hydrotest, Pneumatic tests. MFS has facilities for sandblast and painting including Airless Guns, Compressors, Mixers and Etc.
MFS arrange weld preparation of the plates for thickness of 200mm and has the experience of welding variety of material such as C.S, Stainless Steel, Duplex Stainless Steel, Alloy Steels, Hastelloys and clad materials.
MFS also has different equipment for site activities related to EPC projects including heavy lifting and loading machineries, diesel generators, air compressors, mobile cranes, concrete production set, scaffolding, temporary camps & safety equipment.
Post Weld Heat Treatment (PWHT), most of time is a regular procedure takes place at MFS shop. MFS has equipped its factory with a PWHT furnace with 20000 mm Length, overall height and width of 9000mm, which is one of the biggest furnace of its kind in Iran & Middle East region. MFS furnace can handle up to 200 Ton weight without any limitation for thickness and its heating rate can increase up to 750°C. Our furnace can be used for different kinds of heat treatment.
As correct and precise PWHT and Stress Reliving has essential role in long life of heat treated products and preserve products from further process and mechanical defects such as Hydrogen Induced Cracking  (HIC) or cracks happen as result of remain residual stress, MFS furnace is equipped with 20 sets of dual fuel Burners with total capacity of 12,000,000 Kcal/h designed and calculated by simulation softwares which cause a very homogenized heat through the furnace with only 8°C temperature difference at the worst cases, which is more sophisticate than what standards requires which is 46°C.
Our furnace is controlled and monitored by automatic PLC control system which manage all burners, dampers, stacks simultaneously. MFS furnace operators all trained for sensitive operations.
MFS furnace works both with LPG and CNG fuels both reduces risk of damage as result of contaminated gases specially for NACE material.
With full engineering support  MFS can prepare procedures and reports based on ASME standard and has also capability to processes such as annealing, stress relieving and PWHT, and  perform topical heat treatment for huge vessels, storage tanks and pipelines as well.
We are also ready to give single services of heat treatment to our valued clients and colleagues.