MFS has fabrication shops located in Tehran about 40,000 m2 space with closed and open areas including different departments such as fabrication management, production, product control and planning, quality assurance & control, HSE, PM and  warehouse. All activities related to projects fabrication are divided to smallest possible tasks in our product control and planning department under a document titled integrated production planning schedule which is in compliance with the project master time schedule. For daily and weekly activities of our shop the product control and planning department issues Job Orders in three copies for production, planning and quality control departments so that all related department would know about the tasks they shall perform by this method control and the planning department can trace activities from early stages to the final delivery of the equipment. Our defined identification and traceability procedure helps our company and clients to identify the product by suitable means through out the production realization and where traceability is required MFS has the ability to control the unique identification of the product and maintains related records.
Whenever we receive our raw material or intellectual properties from the customers, according to the quality management system of the company we treat the material as customer properties and exercise care with the property while it is under companies control or being used by us.
We have specified methods and procedures to preserve the product during fabrication processing and delivery to the intended destination in order to maintain conformity to the requirements. And where applicable we preserve the products and its spare parts during handling, packaging, storage.