EPC Activities

MFS provides EPC services as a single point responsibility mostly on a Lump Sum Turnkey (LSTK) basis for the energy, industry, civil and infrastructure sectors.
To perform EPC projects MFS collaborates with experienced knowledgeable companies and planned to expand globally. Integrating all companies' energy, capabilities and enthusiasm added significant synergy and enables us to participate in variety of projects all around the world.

Activities and Services

MFS engineering center in Iran in cooperation with its partners has specialized divisions to undertake design work related to process, static and rotating equipment, utility (water supply/power generation), piping, control and measurement systems, electrical, civil, architectural and fire prevention, each division responsible for the design of individual components of the industrial plant facilities.
Our company in cooperation with its partners  has sufficient specialist resources to provide solutions to such complicated issues and, most importantly, to ensure compliance with the laws and regulations of the country or region.

Energy Sector
Oil Processing Facilities ( EPC Turnkey) including
  • Basic & detail design, procurement and construction of Desalting Plants
  • Basic & detail design, procurement and construction( EPC Turnkey) of Tank Farms and Oil Terminals including Foundation, Bond Wall, Storage Facilities, Fire Fighting, Instrumentation Systems, Cathodic Protection, Pump Stations, Loading & Unloading systems and any additional accessories required
  • Basic & detail design, procurement and construction ( EPC Turnkey) of Oil/Gas Pipelines
  • Process, mechanical design and fabrication of Fixed mechanical and process equipment such as Pressure Vessels, Drums, Columns, Fixed and Floating Roof Storage Tanks, Spherical Tanks, Double wall Storage Tanks, Heat Exchangers, Boilers, Deaerators, Oil/Gas Separators and Scrubbers, Indirect and Direct Fired Heaters, Electrical Desalters and Dehydrators, Flare Stacks
  • Engineering, procurement and construction ( EPC Turnkey) of Balance of Plants including Mechanical, Electrical, and Fuel

We have sufficient manpower for EPC projects, and we have local resources, which we can mix and create a goal-oriented team. Due to our social responsibility for society where we work, we usually hire part of our manpower from local people which also helps us for smoother cooperation with our clients.
We are committed to maintain highest standards of safety, and committed to provide required infra-structures and facilities and  train the personnel for safe actions.
Engineering and Design work is usually the first thing and the major activity for the realization of an industrial facility and it is often the case that engineering is conducted in a number of phases. Engineering and design may start with a Feasibility Study prior to materialization of the project, followed by Basic Design, Front End Engineering Design (FEED) and Detailed Design.

While engineering activities are running and experienced group of specialist provides procurement and expediting services for plant equipment and bulk materials. Our specialist track procurement through an established network of suppliers and provide project manager with the required report on the latest status of all procurement activities. MFS also arrange  construction services for all relevant disciplines such as civil, mechanical, electrical and instrumentation mostly utilizing capabilities of a qualified sub-contractor. Yet the guarantee of the performed job would be definitely by MFS.

For all services mentioned above we have close cooperation with qualified EPC contractors and we participate in relevant projects on a consortium or joint venture basis.