Pressure Vessel copy.jpg   Pressure Vessels & Towers

MFS designs and fabricates different kinds of Pressure Vessels & Towers in accordance with different standards & codes known worldwide with any material and grades required by customers. MFS can also deliver customized products according to client specifications and regulations.
MFS offers various range of Pressure Vessels up to 7000 diameter & 100 bar design temperature, made of C.S, S.S, HIC Tested, SSC required, Special Alloy materials  and also Clad material such as Inconel, Monel & Hastelloy.
To provide customers with most optimum design suitable for their variable conditions MFS uses up to date softwares such as:
-    PV Elite
-    Compress
-    Nozzle Pro
-    FE Pipe
Using our valuable standard database we design, fabricate and deliver our
Pressure Vessels and Towers based on ASME Sec VIII (Div. 1 &2), SEC.V, AWS, ASTM, NACE, GPSA & Etc.
Technical documents like WPS, PQR, NDT, Pickling and Packing Procedures are being produced in MFS Technical office, in accordance with relevant standards.

Storage Tank copy.jpg     Storage Tanks:

MFS delivered various kinds of Storage Tanks, including;
- Fixed & Floating Roof
- Low Temperature/Cryogenic Double Wall
- Pressure Sphere
MFS can supply Storage Tanks not only pre-fabricated but also EPC based including Foundation, Erection, Instrumentation, Cathodic Protection, Earthing and Firefighting Systems according to API 620,650, ASME, BS and CODAP.
Implementing continues online Quality Control system enable MFS to prepare thousands of prefabricated pieces without single non-conformity packed and checked, ready for erection.
To design these tanks MFS uses different softwares known worldwide such as Tank and in-house developed softwares for Roof Calculations, Deformation and Structural Calculations.
MFS supplies up to 1/000/000 US Barrel Floating Roof Tanks locally and as for Spheres and Double Wall Tanks with jointly cooperates of PARESA S.p.A a reputable Italian company, has no limitation for different sizes.
Technical documents like WPS, PQR, NDT, Pickling and Packing Procedures are being produced in MFS Technical office, in accordance with relevant standards.
Heat Exchangers:
MFS provides customers with Shell and Tube Heat Exchangers in variety of sizes and materials like C.S, S.S and Aluminum.
MFS usage of upgraded softwares and machineries positioned MFS among high ranked manufacturers. MFS softwares for thermal &  mechanical design are:
-    ASPEN B-Jack
-    HTFS
MFS fabricates Single & Multi Pass, U Tube & Regenerative Heat Exchangers based on ASME code, TEMA class B,C and R standards, API 660.
Technical documents like WPS, PQR, NDT, Pickling and Packing Procedures are being produced in MFS Technical office, in accordance with relevant standards.

Flare1 copy.jpg   Flare Stacks:

As safely disposing of hydrocarbons products, combustible waste fluid specially  toxic ones is essential for our industry, MFS has assigned a qualified technical team to design and analyze Flare and supply different types of Flares including;
•    High & Low Pressure Flares
•    Air Assisted Flares
•    Enclosed Flares
•    Sonic Flares
•    Utility Flare (Without Smokeless Burning)
•    Liquid Flare
•    Gas/Steam Assisted Flares
•    Burn Pits
MFS designs and manufactures Flare main and accessories parts and perform sizing calculations, Flare Tip and Flare Structural Design and provides customers with Flare Seals , Control Panel and Ignition Systems, Blowers and Flare K.O Drums.
FLARENET and FLARE are two main softwares used in MFS technical office.

 Deaerator copy.jpg    Deaerators:

As Boilers and Steam Turbines are the most valuable equipment in power generation plants, their long lasting operational period is very essential for the End-Users.
MFS Deaerators with wide range of capacity and significant flexibility employs basic principle of gas removal with a neat one tank design which is simply proven the best choice that any customer can choose.
MFS spray type one tank design Deaerator assures high purity effluent by removing oxygen and other dissolved gases in Boiler Feed.
MFS supplied Deaerators are based on Stork Thermeq B.V process design which is very unique and different from conventional two tanks.
Although MFS has the capability to design both conventional two tank design & single tank spray type model, we shall admit that Spray Type Single Tank Deaerators have more advantages in comparison with Cascading Type application such as:
-    One tank design fully made of Carbon Steel
-    Pure mechanically O2 removal at the outlet up to 5 ppb
-    Low steam vent Max. 70 kg/h
-    No vent condenser required
-    Wide capacity range 12000 T/h
-    Wide operating range  10 to 110%
-    No pressure difference in steam area
-    Turn down ratio > 1:30
MFS one tank design Deaerator has several applications for different plants:
-    Horizontal for Power Generation, Process and Chemical industries
-    Vertical Vacuum for Power Generation, Process and Chemical industries
-    Nuclear Power Plants
-    HRSG Internal Drum Deaerators
-    Condenser Deaeration
-    Material / FPSO
-    Air Cooled Power Plant
MFS can also retrofit End-Users cascading type turning it into one tank design, which is more efficient and save money with respect to make up water and chemical additives consumption.

Scrubber copy.jpg    Oil / Gas Separators and Scrubbers:

MFS designed Oil/Gas Separators & Scrubbers are renowned for high efficiency and suitable performance that guarantees customer process requirement for different applications like; Oil Field Separation Units, Slug Catchers, Manifolds, Production Platforms, Gas Liquifaction Plants, Gas Compressor Stations and Etc.
MFS Scrubbers, using different internals as Inlet Devices (Vane Packs, Cyclones, Anti- Foam) & Separation Enhancements (Vane Pack, Wire Mesh, Cyclones, Filters, Coalescers) can provide customers with fine separation i.e. 99.9% of solid particles and liquid droplets over 5 microns, even for high pressures.
MFS can also provides its customers with valuable engineering services such as :
-    Design Study
-    CFD Modeling
-    Solution Making
-    Retrofitting Jobs
To design Separators based on ASME code, MFS uses up to dates design software’s such as Hysim, Fluent and in house developed software.

Desalter copy.jpg    Desalters

Desalting of crude oil and condensate is a process that does not have high profile, but is vital to the operation of the modern refinery. Desalter provide more protection to costly refinery equipment than any other single piece of process hardware therefore an in-depth review of the desalting application prior to design and choosing right choice of desalting technology is a major task in project engineering. With the assistance of our partners we can offer different types of Desalters specifically AC/DC electrostatic Desalters / Dehydrators. Our desalters are used both for crude oil and condensate with high profile of salt, sediments and high operation pressure on offshore, onshore projects and FPSO to prevent high corrosion as result of presence of salt in the system.
Our desalters are designed to averagely remove 85% to 95% of in organic salts from the crude oil so that the water content of the desalted crude oil will be approximately less than 0.2 volume percent of the oil.
To design a desalter we use several types of standards API, ASME, IEC, Nace, TEMA & Etc.
Our desalters capacity ranging from 50,000 t/a year to 12,000,000 t/a.

Metering1 copy.jpg    Metering Systems

When it comes to liquid and gas hydrocarbon transfer, a small level of uncertainty will result in significant loss of revenue, therefore it is essential to have a precise Metering System.
MFS manufactures fiscal/custody transfer metering systems and is capable of and experienced in all metering technologies, analytical systems, provers and control panels.  MFS with help of its partners has a broad knowledge of metering standards (including API, ISO, AGA, ASTM, CE, UL, PED, ATEX, DIN, IED, NACE, ANSI and OIMI) and technologies (such as ultrasonic meters, coriolis/mass meters, orifice meters, turbine or PD) which will help us to meet our customers’ needs, maximize measurement accuracy and minimize risk.
MFS offered Metering Systems and Services include:
•    Gas Metering Systems
•    Oil/Liquid Metering Systems
•    LNG Metering Solutions
•    Proving & Calibrations
•    Sampling & Analysis
•    Control Systems

Heat Exchenger copy.jpg    Heaters & Reformers

In order to meet the needs of Iran’s market in terms of direct heaters and reformers, MFS starts its activities for manufacturing process fired heaters and reformers in Iran.
In cooperation with our partners we are specialized in fabrication of single and multiple combustion chambers depending on duty and process requirements. Utilizing low NOx burner technology along with preheating systems, allows us to get the highest level of performance efficiency in parallel with being accordance with the environmental standards for reducing environmental damages.   
MFS is familiar with all aspects of Fired Heaters and reformers including, Pressure Parts, Support/Holding System, Structural Designs, Radiant Section, Arch Panel, Convection Section, Header Box, Flue Gas Duct, Damper, Shield Section, Burner Placing, Stack, Stack Supporting Structure, Interconnecting Ducts, APH Ducting, APH Supporting Structures, Refractory and its tie-back arrangement, Accessories, Platforms, Ladder, Access Door, Stair Case, Material Take Off for Requisition and Execution purpose.
MFS also has the capability to provide its customer with various types of Indirect Heaters including Water Path Heaters as part of its portfolio.

Pig Launcher copy.jpg    Pig Launchers & Receivers

Pigging has been used for many years to clean small & large diameter pipelines in oil industry and is used for almost any section of the transfer process between storage or filling systems. To have a safe & sufficient pigging process it is necessary to utilize pig launcher & receivers and its accessories. MFS can design and manufacture different kinds of Pig Launcher & Receivers from 3” to 56”, class rating from 150-1500 made of carbon steel, stainless steel, duplex with the required quick  opening system with safety interlocks. Our design code include ASME, PD 5500.