Sustainable development cannot be achieved unless companies assign a qualified team and certain time to do researches, analysis on the feed backs and taking decisions about new possibilities & opportunities for development.
MFS has also assigned an enthusiastic team gathered under a division who is responsible for digging in chances for Product, Knowledge and System Development.
Currently our R&D committee is studying about new generation and more efficient internals for different separation types for Oil, Gas & water systems and also studies on different flaring networks and systems to cover its various clients demand for a more environmental friendly and economic ways of flaring or alternative of flaring the Gas & Oil products, as energy is the most precious source of development. We are also performing reverse engineering on desalters and sponsoring a research project in Iran to develop and reach know how of designing Electrostatic AC/DC Desalters and Dehydrators.
MFS R & D team also are investigating energy saving solutions for industrial plants, develops prototype of its researches. To put it in a nut shell in MFS R &D Committee Creativity will reflects in company Innovations.